Outpatient & Community Services

Glenwood’s Outpatient Services provide education and treatment services to individuals throughout the community.

Outpatient Services at Glenwood is a comprehensive evaluation and treatment clinic for children, adolescents, and families with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other emotional and behavioral concerns (e.g., impulsivity, aggression, sadness, or anxiety). The clinic offers timely responses to individuals or families seeking assessmentcounseling, therapy, family education & support services, medication management, consultation & training and teacher training, from professionals specifically trained in the area of child & adolescent development and mental health.

It is our goal to reduce the wait time for diagnostic and treatment services through collaboration, to provide families with education and hope for early intervention.

Treatment Services
Family & Community Services (FACS)

Education Services
Consultation & Training
Teacher Training

Collaboration is important to all of Glenwood and some of our partners in collaboration are Mitchell’s Place, UAB Sparks Clinic, Family Court, the Department of Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities, the Department of Human Resources, and the Department of Education among others. Glenwood staff are also involved collaboratively with the Jefferson County Children’s Policy Councils, Alabama Counseling Association, Alabama Association of Student Assistance Personnel, and many other organizations serving children and families in the area.

Glenwood, Inc.
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150 Glenwood Lane
Birmingham, AL 35242
Contact: Lisa Braxton
Telephone: (205) 795-3203
Fax: (205) 212-6688
E-mail: intake@glenwood.org

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