Washing a Concrete Mixer

How many ways can you say, “Thank you?” How about by washing a concrete mixer? Glenwood’s Details Matter did just that at Sherman Industries’ offices in Inverness.  Lehigh Cement Co. and Sherman teamed up to make a sizeable donation to Glenwood recently, and Glenwood’s mobile car wash team wanted to say thank you by washing one of Sherman’s concrete mixers.

Details Matter is a mobile car wash started by Glenwood about two years ago to provide vocational opportunities to adults served by Glenwood.

“We wash cars, trucks and vans, but this was our first time washing a concrete mixer,” says Hunter Wimberley, Glenwood’s associate director of vocational services. “Our Details Matters team loves to make vehicles shine, and they love to get a paycheck.”

“We’re delighted to partner with Glenwood. We know the excellent services they provide to families when they need help,” said Philip Detwiler, Lehigh’s vice president of cement sales for the southeast.

Thank you Lehigh Cement and Sherman Industries for caring for people with autism!