THRIVE Lab Invites Parents to Participate in a Study

The THRIVE Lab at UC Irvine reached out to Glenwood for help finding participants in a study that includes an online program for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) between the ages of 3 and 7 years old.The study aims to assess the efficacy of a short parenting program designed by Dr. Jessica Borelli, a licensed clinical psychologist.

During their involvement in the study, parents complete brief, online reflective activity on their own. Mothers of typically developing children have reported finding the activity to be helpful in thinking about positive, impactful moments in their everyday lives.

If you would like more information, contact Gerin at (858) 504-8443 or See below of FAQ.

FAQs for the Parenting the Spectrum (PTS) Study

What is the study about?

  • We are looking at the parent-child relationships in the ASD community.

How do I enroll in the study?

  • The PTS study includes two ways to participate:
  1. Complete the online study (Study 1) by opting out of additional home visits
  2. Complete the in-home study (Study 2) by opting in for additional home visits
  • Participants enroll and opt out or opt in using the following link: or use the QR code on our flier, which will take you to the consent page of the study.

What are the differences between the in-home study and the online-only study?

  • The online study (Study 1) is a brief, one-time questionnaire. The survey must be completed in less than two hours and takes about 1-hour to complete (typing answers in response to fill-in questions and completing survey questions).
  • The in-home study (Study 2) lasts about 5 weeks and includes two home visits, online activities, and opportunities for children and secondary caregivers to participate as well.

Who is eligible for the online study (Study 1)?

  • Mothers of a child with ASD between the ages of 3-7 who live outside a 30-mile radius of UC Irvine or who lack the time/desire to participate in-home study.

Who is eligible for the in-home study (Study 2)?

  • Mothers of a child with ASD between the ages of 3-7 who live within a 30-mile radius of UC Irvine (Greater Orange County Area).

What would I be doing during the study?

  • For the online study (Study 1), mothers are invited to complete an online survey (in one sitting) that takes on average, about 1-hour to complete.
  • For the in-home study (Study 2), mothers are invited to complete two home visits that include play activities with their child (which we guide participants through), surveys, a reflective activity, and some online activities independently. The mother, child, and secondary caregiver are invited to complete a cheek swab for a DNA sample.

How much compensation can I receive? How do I get compensated?

  • For the online study (Study 1), mothers can receive $20 in an Amazon gift card.
  • For the in-home study (Study 2), families can receive up to $90 compensation; Participants will receive cash and children receive toys during each home visit.

Can my partner/husband participate in the study too?

  • Yes, the in-home study (Study 2) invites secondary caregivers to participate in an online survey and provide a check swab for a DNA sample.