Thankful to Serve

Jacob Sims works at Glenwood as a registered behavior therapist (RBT). This position is more than a job to Jacob. It’s a chance to serve others with his talents, skills and training.

Jacob gets to serve others with a work family that is just that – family. When reflecting on his time here, Jacob says, “It has been an honor and a privilege to work with such amazing people. It’s not often that you get to work in a place where people feel more like friends and family as opposed to colleagues.

The work is not drudgery, because he’s doing something that makes a difference. He’s changing the lives of the children he works with. “Of course, we work hard to collect data and help these children move in a positive direction, but the common denominator here, unlike anything I have ever seen, is how much you all truly love these children. It is so encouraging,” says Jacob. “These kids will never be the same, not just because of the amazing treatment they get, but also because of the love that has been shown to them.”

As Thanksgiving rolls around, this is something to reflect on. How you spend your time matters. Where you give your money matters. There are many ways to serve and many ways to give. Whether it’s buying pecans for your Christmas gifts, making a donation, collecting Christmas presents for residents at Glenwood or something else, the things you do for Glenwood make a difference in the lives of the individuals we serve.

This Thanksgiving, we are going to take a few minutes to reflect on how thankful we are for those we serve, our caring staff and our generous donors and volunteers. It all matters, and it all makes the world a better place.