“This MCS training is the most informative and beneficial training I have had over my 10 years of work. The tools given and taught were beneficial to be used in the classroom and even in taking care of myself.” -Educator 

“I have been an administrator for 12 years. The last 7 years I have been going the MCS training with [Glenwood]. Every 2 years they have helped me become a better administrator. They have definitely given me a different viewpoint on disciplining students and handling them.” -Administrator 

“It would really be helpful for our whole system, educators, principals, and other staff to participate in this training!” -Educator

“The MCS training that my company received from Robert Hudson is invaluable. The connection between taking care of yourself and how it affects the participants is going to help me on a daily basis.” -Trainee

“I think that MCS is a great training that everyone can use to try and avoid crisis situations. It allows you to think outside of the box and think before you act.” -Parent