Stories of Care in Isolation

Life at Glenwood has been a bit different as staff care for residents who have been under self-quarantine. Our team is moving mountains to make sure that the individuals we serve stay healthy AND have some fun. We are 25 days into the quarantine and are happy to share that no residents have tested positive for COVID-19. With 27 homes and 120 residents, that is something that we are proud to report.

Staff are working 24 hours a day to take all the steps to keep this virus at bay. During that time, they are coming up with creative ways for the residents to have some fun. On campus, the lake has become a favorite spot. Canoes and paddle boats are ready to enjoy. Off-campus, some homes have brought in a pool for some back-yard fun. And don’t worry, all water activities have a lifeguard present.

Art projects and outdoor games have been a great way to pass the time. Painting bird feeders, sidewalk chalk, and beanbag toss are a few ways that residents and staff are keeping busy. As many of you can relate, being at home can inspire some simple and creative fun.

One building on campus has become a favorite place to go..the gym. Staff developed a schedule for each house to use the gym independently and clean it between each use.

Caleb LaRue normally serves as the PE and Recreational Instructor. Caleb shared, “going to the gym yesterday was something that many of our guys had been looking forward to for several days. When we got there, it was amazing how excited they were to just stretch their legs. Several of our guys enjoyed running and jumping on scooters. One individual would get a running start and take off flying across the gym on the scooter. The whole group was excited about being out of the house after a week of isolation. The gym has provided our children and adults with a breath of fresh air.” He went on to say that, “Glenwood’s campus and trails have also provided a great way to get fresh air and a way to stretch one’s legs since community outings and non-essential visits are not allowed.

We are so thankful to our care team for giving their hearts to supporting the individuals we serve. Their hard work is truly making a difference!