Noah was diagnosed with autism at an early age and struggled with aggressive and destructive behaviors. He rarely, if ever, spoke or even smiled. His parents felt like there had to be help for Noah somewhere. That’s when they found Glenwood.

Noah moved into a home at Glenwood where he is provided 24-hour support. His schedule is structured, attending school on Glenwood’s campus. He engages with others in activities to learn daily independent living skills. Noah has overcome his initial shyness, now immersing himself in the classes and activities offered at Glenwood. He has learned new skills including how to communicate and better interact with others.

When Noah’s mother came for one of her visits, she was not prepared for the change in Noah. She entered the classroom and first, she was greeted by a huge smile from her son. She wasn’t ready for what happened next. Noah then gave his mother a big hug, stepped back, proudly pointed to himself and exclaimed, “I’m Noah.” With those two words, Noah’s mother began to cry. This was the first time she had heard her son speak in over 10 years.

Can you imagine what Noah’s mom felt when she saw her
son smile and heard him speak after 10 years of silence?

The need is great.
Help us help others like
Noah and his family.

Children and adults with autism
AND their families need you now.

Will you help today?

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