Family and Community Services (FACS)

Family and Community Services (FACS)

What is FACS?

The Family and Community Services (FACS) program was established to provide in-home intervention to special needs children, adolescents, and their families. The FACS teams provide the education and support that families need to strengthen their relationships and be strong advocates for their children in the school and community. Each FACS family is assigned a Bachelor’s level Intervention Counselor who is highly trained in child development, behavior management, and developmental disorders. Glenwood staff work closely with the family to develop an individualized treatment plan unique to the special needs of the family. This plan guides the services provided and monitors progress in specified goal areas.

The FACS Program is a 4 to 5 month long intensive in-home treatment program designed to meet the unique needs of the identified individuals and their families. The program has a family focus, therefore parental involvement is important to the success of the program. In-home parent education and training along with basic skill building for the child encompass the majority of the emphasis of treatment. Formal parenting classes and positive peer groups are also a part of the FACS program. FACS families may also receive up to 60 hours annually of respite care provided by their assigned Intervention Counselor.

Is FACS Right for You?

The FACS program serves families with a child between the ages of 2 and 18 years of age with a previously diagnosed psychiatric disorder or development delay, and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 21 who are dually diagnosed as Mentally Ill/Mentally Retarded. The child must be medically stable and must live within 30 miles of the Community Resource Center. Parental involvement is important to the success of the FACS program.

Glenwood Believes Every child has the potential to improve. Glenwood strives to maximize that potential.

Referrals: Parents, teachers, social service agencies, and others may make referrals. You

may make a referral by contacting Glenwood’s Intake Coordinator and completing an initial assessment.

For more information please contact:

Anna Walchli, Intake Coordinator
Phone: (205) 795-3203