Diagnosis & Assessments

It is our goal to provide assessment & treatment that is both individualized to the child or adolescent’s needs and supported by the current research in the field. We believe that this approach will help equip families with the tools and knowledge they need to best care and advocate for their child.

Glenwood offers more than 20 services for children, adolescents, adults, and families with mental health needs. Access to these services begins with a phone call to Glenwood’s Intake Department. You will be asked to share general information about the person for whom you are calling. The Intake Department will assess your needs and provide you information about specific services and programs. If Glenwood cannot meet your needs, information about other services available in your community will be provided.

bigstock-teacher-helping-student-painti-8813650Does this sound like your child?

• Delays in reaching developmental milestones and obtaining speech
• Difficulty with impulse control
• Noncompliant behavior
• Aggressive behavior
• Academic and learning challenges
• Withdrawal
• Anxiety, sadness, or depression
• Unusual reactions to sensory stimulation such as touch, textures, and noise
• Difficulty focusing

Signs of Autism:

• Difficulty making eye contact
• Difficulty showing or reading facial expressions
• Does not engage in interactive play with others
• Lack of response to his or her name
• Lack of showing gestures
• Repetitive movements with objects
• Repetitive or unusual body movement
• Restrictive repetitive interests

Diagnostic Assessment Packet 

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