RUBI Autism Network


RUBI is an eleven-week research-based program designed for caregivers of children 3 to 12 with a diagnosis of autism. The program consists of 11 core weekly sessions including functional assessment of target behaviors, antecedent and preventative strategies, functional communication training, reinforcement strategies, and instruction in teaching of daily living skills. Outcomes typically include reduced behavioral concerns and increased functional communication and independence in the home setting.

Learn how to:

  • Apply Behavioral Principles
  • Develop Prevention Strategies
  • Use Effective Reinforcement
  • Teach New Skills
  • Plan for Generalization and Maintenance
  • Address Behavioral Concerns in the Home


  • Short-term program meets with parents individually.
  • Meets weekly for one-hour sessions over 11-14 weeks.
  • Can include sessions on sleep problems and/or toileting concerns.
  • Accept most insurance plans including BCBS, Medicaid, Allkids, Peehip, SEIB, Tricare and UHC.

For more information contact Glenwood’s Intake Coordinator Lisa Braxton at 205-939-1088 or Sacha Toth, PhD at 205-212-6721.

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