Residential Admissions


“A house is made of bricks & beams.
A home is made of hopes & dreams.”


The Hope Cottages and Other Glenwood Residences

Residential and Independent Living

If home is where the heart is, let The Hope Cottages become home for your adult family member who has autism spectrum disorder. Glenwood is accepting private referrals for a private room and bath in a beautiful setting next to Turkey Foot Lake. The serene view of stunning landscape surrounding the campus and the lovely cottages are nothing short of amazing!

The Cottages are spacious, open and bright.  Screened porches and a patio around a fire pit overlooking the lake offer room for private family visits or time with friends.  Living areas allow residents to develop the independent living skills associated with self-sufficient living with the support needed for success.

Staff are trained to meet the needs of each individual with respect for each individual served paramount. Meals are served family-style in the dining rooms and housemates’ ages and interests span a broad range.  The interaction among housemates develops bonds of friendship that can and do last a lifetime.

Who are the Glenwood Residences for?

What is the age range of the people who live in the cottages?

They are for adults and children 6-years-old and up.

How is the individual program decided? 

You will work with the faculty and your loved one to choose the classes, activities and other assignments that will help you meet your goals.

How often can cottage residents come home? 

Any time you want! Families are always welcome, and an individual’s visits home are up to you.


What are your criteria for admission? 

You are! You know your situation and goals. We believe you will know what is best for your loved one. The admissions process requires a personal interview, completion of the application material and a decision on the part of Glenwood as to whether we believe we can meet your  needs and expectations.

Tell us about costs. 

The tuition, room and board is the same for every individual. Incidental costs may include extra-curricular trips, travel expenses, toiletries, haircuts, clothes, etc. There is no contract or obligation for any length of time. You direct those incidental expenses.

Are there scholarships or any other sources of funding available? 

At present, no. Those who receive Social Security benefits do continue to be eligible for those funds.

More Information

May I speak with other families? 

Certainly. We can help you connect with people who have been in your shoes, wanting to be comfortable that their loved one is happy and healthy and will have the best experience in considering an appropriate environment and program. 

We hope you will come and see us!

Tours are available. For more information contact:
Lisa Braxton 
Glenwood Intake Office
(205) 939-1088 or

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