Renowned Care Renewed Hope: Campaign for Glenwood


Renowned Care, Renewed Hope: The Campaign for Glenwood has raised over our $10 million goal. It’s the largest campaign in Glenwood’s history. When you give to this campaign, you give HOPE to families.


Current Challenges

                Critical services are needed for individuals with mental health concerns and developmental disabilities, especially those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Autism is a lifelong developmental condition that can impact social, communication and behavioral skills.

Each individual with ASD is unique, and their need for support varies. Some are able to live independently while others may require substantial support with basic daily living skills. Glenwood provides comprehensive clinical services and care to meet a full range of needs.

The need for services for those with ASD continues to grow. 1 in 44 children will be diagnosed with ASD this year. More than 50,000 individuals with ASD are reaching adulthood each year. The current influx into the system of care has been termed an “Autism Tsunami” by Autism Speaks. The ever-rising tide is inundating agencies that care for these individuals.


Current: $10,000,000!

Goal: $10,000,000

Overview of Initiatives to Help People Live as Independently as Possible

                For families served by Glenwood, hope for a bright future is possible. Loved ones take comfort in knowing that Glenwood’s staff of caregivers and credentialed professionals demonstrate the utmost respect for individuals and their families.

More than 20 educational, therapeutic and residential programs address needs over a lifespan. Glenwood is one of too few agencies nationwide to offer residential services to adults with autism.

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Because of your generosity, advancements are already in the making and we are excited to share our progress with you.

  1. Three new homes are currently being built on the Glenwood campus by Capstone Collegiate Communities and their partners. Called The Hope Cottages, they will offer housing for sixteen people with autism. Construction is to be completed this year.
  2. Space has been purchased for our new, Education and Early Intervention Center in Avondale. The Center will provide diagnostic and intervention services and outpatient therapies including a designated Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) clinic. We will also offer autism training to professionals such as teachers and healthcare workers. With this training, individuals can better receive the assistance they need in all aspects of their lives.

  3. A collaboration with the United Methodist Children’s Home will create our first children’s residence off-campus. Opening in 2018, it will house six children.
  4. Another community home has also been purchased for a new off-campus residence for three adults.
  5. At Allan Cott School, for children with autism ages 6-21, there are two new additions: The Shirley G. Seay Life Skills Training Center and a Multi-Sensory Environment.The Life Skills Training Center is designed as a small home, with a living area, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining. Here, children learn to make beds, wash dishes, do laundry, and complete other daily chores.The Multi-Sensory Environment contains light and sound equipment which can create a soothing atmosphere for a child who may be overstimulated. It can also increase in tempo to carefully integrate children with sensory challenges to more light and more sound than they were able to previously tolerate.
  6. Details Matter is a new Glenwood business employing adults in our day program to clean office space such as Civitan International Headquarters. They also do mobile car detailing and are currently cleaning Glenwood’s transportation vehicles and staff vehicles. Soon, they will expand out to the community. The new employees are excited to be earning their own paycheck!We are also in the planning stages of an art center on our campus to allow those we serve a way to express themselves and grow in many creative ways, as well as allowing us to offer these opportunities to the community.Your support is already turning HOPE into REALITY for many. We are determined to expand as the need continues to grow. It is YOU who makes it possible!

Campaign Leaders

                When the campaign started in 2013, Millier Gorrie and Garry Neil Drummond served as Honorary Co-Chairs. Mr. Drummond, a long-time friend to those served by Glenwood, passed away in 2016. His legacy lives on at Glenwood as we expand to serve more families.


Mallie Ireland, Co-Chair

I grew up with my Aunt Kathy who had schizophrenia and spent much time in our home. In 1972 my parents ran an ad in The Birmingham News inviting others who may be in need of support to start the Schizophrenia Society of Alabama. Amazingly, over 250 people showed up! At that time, we didn’t really know what autism spectrum disorder was. The overall consensus was that early childhood intervention was needed.  Glenwood was born as the Allan Cott School. It started with 16 children in the basement of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and has since grown to serve many individuals and their families. Glenwood has had an enormous impact on this community and the state. I am honored to be associated with Glenwood. Generous donors make it possible for the expert staff to serve the complex needs of families touched by autism and other mental health issues. – Mallie Ireland


Philip Young, Co-Chair

After five years of seeking answers to our son’s development, a family friend told us about Glenwood. Xan was diagnosed with autism by a Glenwood clinician. We spent the next 15 years on a quest to help him reach his potential. At age 20 we were in a crisis situation, and again we turned to Glenwood. He has lived at Glenwood for 12 years, and we are all family. We are thankful for the faith, hope and love of the founders and all the supporters over the years.- Philip Young



Miller Gorrie, Honorary Co-chair
Garry Neil Drummond, Honorary Co-chair**
Robert Aland
Dowe Bynum
Peter Curtin
Patrick Drummond*
Leigh Anne Hodge*
Kathleen King
Noah Oliphant
Bill Pearson*
Ronny Robertson*
Jim Sullivan
Ryan Thomas
Will Thuston*
Cullom Walker
Patricia Wallwork          
Sen. Cam Ward*

President & CEO
Deborah Lee Yount, FACHE

 *Phase 1
**In Remembrance

Board of Directors
2017 – 2018

Executive Committee:
Ryan O. Thomas, Chair
Philip Young, Vice Chair
Peter Curtin, Secretary
Dowe Bynum, Treasurer
Leigh Anne Hodge, Ex-Officio
Jim Hill
Kathleen King
William Pearson
Reba Simmons

Advisory Board:
Justice Michael F. Bolin
Dr. Bama Hager
Dr. James Meador-Woodruff
Dr. Max Michael, III
Guy K. Mitchell

Life Members:
Faye B. Ireland
Mallie M. Ireland

Associate Board:
Libbet Crumbley 
Nancy Smith
Dana L. Thrasher


Board of Directors:
Robert Aland
Tommy R. Bice
Anne Boston
Carter Burwell
Judge U.W. Clemon
Glenn I. Drennen
Bill Ireland, Jr.
Mallie Ireland
Gina Kitchens
Norman McNeill
JoAnne Mote
John Nixon
Noah Oliphant
Jack Phillips
Robin Savage
Edward Sledge
Jim Sullivan
Stacey Summerville
Dr. Hanes Swingle
Marvin Thornton
John Trawick
Patricia Wallwork
Cullom Walker
Cam Ward
Bill Wells
George E. Wilbanks

In Remembrance:
Myron Harper
Glenn Ireland, II, Founder
Garry N. Drummond, Founder

News & Events:

Glenwood Expanding to Avondale – Birmingham Business Journal

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