Ramona’s Story – a true continuum of care

As a United Way Agency, Glenwood embodies the mission of improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities. 

“My mother and daddy poured so much of themselves into it, we grew up as a part of Glenwood,” said Mallie Ireland Dansby.

Glenwood – A continuum of care – that message is evident in the life of Ramona.

Coming into Glenwood’s care in the 70’s as a child, Ramona found her way into the home and hearts of the Ireland family.  

“She actually lived with my family on and off before she was able to become established here at Glenwood,” said Mallie Ireland Dansby, Board member – Glenwood & Past Chair of United Way.

“Ramona started in our children’s program, and she moved into the adult program and she’s still with us today. So, she’s been here a long time.”

Ken Oliver, CEO of Glenwood

And as her care with Glenwood, stands the test of time, so does her relationship with the Ireland family…three generations of this family have now been involved with Ramona’s care here at Glenwood; Mr. & Ms. Ireland, their daughter, Mallie, and their granddaughter, Nonie.

“She’s just an outstanding young woman and it’s because Glenwood is an extraordinary place,” said Dansby.

“My mother wore really fun, funky, jewelry and Ramona took a fancy to it and mother would literally give Ramona her jewelry,” said Dansby. 

Ms. Ireland’s granddaughter carried on that tradition. 

“Her and my grandmother formed a special friendship and a special bond and for the remainder of my grandmother’s life, they sort of aged together and grew together. I know that her friendship was important to my grandmother.”

Nonie Brown, Junior Board Member of Glenwood & Granddaughter of Mallie Ireland 

Ramona now shares stories of Ms. Ireland, allowing her legacy to live on. 

“It’s been really special in my life to get to know Ramona and have a friendship with her,” said Brown. 

And when asked why this young woman has continued to be such a huge part of their family for many generations, the answer was..

“It’s because Glenwood is a part of our family, all of the clients we serve here are an extension of our family.”

Mallie Ireland Dansby

“It’s a story of intergenerational love, that Glenwood represents. It means so much for Glenwood to be able to deliver services with the help of these wonderful families that support us and Ramona’s life has been made so much richer as a result of it,” said Oliver.

Written and produced by Whitney Salts, Director of Corporate Communications