Glenwood’s pecans have a purpose.

Every purchase of our pecans and coffees raises funds essential for the operation of Glenwood’s programs and services for children, adolescents, adults, and families affected by autism and behavioral health disorders. Glenwood, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, uses the proceeds from this sale to benefit all of its programs and services, including our schools for children with autism, young boys with severe emotional disturbances, and preschool-age kids; adult habilitation programs; children & adult residential facilities; consultation & training; and family support and diagnosis & treatment.

Over 43 years ago Glenwood’s Holiday Pecan Sale began as a fund-raising effort to benefit the Allan Cott School, Glenwood’s founding program. This was the first school established in Alabama to offer educational and therapeutic services to children with autism. Today, Glenwood touches the lives of over 10,000 people across Alabama.

Thank you for supporting Pecans for Autism and believing in all of the people Glenwood serves.

“I’m not sure if it was the pecans or the perfect packaging with the ornament, but our clients have been calling and emailing us about them! Thank you for making it so simple for us! Have a wonderful Christmas! Thank you!”

Julie Tate, Happy Customer

About our Pecans and Products

Glenwood sells only the freshest, “first-shake” pecans from southern pecan farms. Glenwood’s pecan halves are mammoth-size, the largest and best-tasting pecans available. Pecans are an excellent source of protein and are loaded with antioxidants, may help prevent heart disease, and can contribute to lowering one’s cholesterol. In addition to mammoth pecan halves by the pound, Glenwood is pleased to offer a variety of specialty pecans and items including: Pecan Brittle, Divinity Bars, Pecan-flavored Coffees, and wonderful Holiday Gift Assortments.

EDIT: 1/9/2021 – The online store is now closed. Thank you to everyone who supported Pecans for Autism this season! Your generosity helps greatly and we appreciate you so much! Pecans for Autism’s online store will return 11/1/2021.

*We reserve the right to substitute products should we be out of stock.