Family & Community Services (FACS)

Family and Community Services Program (FACS), a division of Outpatient Services, is a comprehensive in-home treatment modality for individuals who are aged 2-22 and have been diagnosed with an Axis I and/or and Axis II diagnosis. The goal of the FACS Program is to increase family functioning to a maintainable, healthy level—ultimately decreasing instances of abuse and neglect. The team offers in-home interventions, school interventions, and support with external service providers. Goals might include—but are not limited to—toileting, increasing social skills, reducing aggression, increasing appropriate communication, building emotional competence, and increasing self-esteem. The FACS program also engages the family through parent training. FACS meets you where you are and targets issues where they manifest in order to promote the most success.


Meet the Team



Patrick M. Nortonimage1

Intervention Counselor

Patrick graduated from The University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2013. He moved to Birmingham to pursue his Master of Arts in Counseling at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Patrick has been with Glenwood for 3 years—2 years with the program. As a currently enrolled student and counselor-in-training he has access to academic resources that are beneficial to his caseload. Patrick has researched and trained to become exceptionally gifted in areas of children with serious emotional disorders, high functioning autism spectrum disorder, and parent/child relational issues. Patrick conducts Parent-Child Interaction Therapy under the supervisions of Glenwood’s Clinical Psychologists in the PCIT Clinic.



Jazmine D. KingFullSizeRender

Intervention Counselor

Jazmine graduated from The University of Montevallo with a Bachelor of Science in Social Work. She joined the Glenwood family first as an intern and then transitioned to working in the residential setting. Jazmine has recently obtained her Masters in Social Work from The University of Alabama and is pursuing licensure as a graduate level Social Worker with the State of Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners. Jazmine has worked at Glenwood for 4 years and about 3 years with the FACS program. Jazmine has profound knowledge in Autism Spectrum Disorder requiring severe supports, serious emotional disturbances, and individual advocacy in schools where she offers support and consultation.


Audrey D. Ciscodownload_20151202_235015

Intervention Counselor

Audrey graduated from Blue Mountain College with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biblical Studies in 2011, and received her Masters of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School in 2015. She has been a part of the Glenwood team for 5 years and with FACS for the past 2 years, where she has provided outstanding services to children and their families. She excels in pairing creativity with evidence-based practices in order to implement each individualized treatment plan according to a person’s unique needs. In addition to serving through FACS, Audrey also enjoys being wife and a mother to her 2-year-old daughter.