MCS Model Choices

There are three Managing Crisis Safely Models for training available. Glenwood can come observe your students and consult with you about what you are doing well and what else you could do to manage the behavior of your students and help them move towards success.

1. The Train the Trainer Model

In this model, Glenwood trains one or more of your staff to become MCS trainers for the rest of your staff. In this four-day class, you can send people to Glenwood to be trained, or set up a training class at your school or facility. Once your staff successfully completes the MCS trainer program, he or she will be certified to train your staff for two years. After that, a one-day refresher class recertifies the trainer for two more years.

Cost: $995 per person. Additional travel-related charges apply if Glenwood travels to your location.

Cost for the one-day trainer refresher: $495. Additional travel-related charges apply if Glenwood travels to your location.

2. Glenwood Trains Your Staff 

In this model, your staff will be trained in a two-day class. Successful completion certifies the trainee for one year. They will not be certified to train others in MCS. After a year, the trainee can attend a one-day recertification class to remain certified in MCS for another year.

Please call Robert Hudson for pricing and plan information.  205-410-1576.

Cost for sending a person to Glenwood for this training: $275 per person. 

3. Glenwood Helps Your Trainer(s) Train Your Staff

In this model, you have trainers trained, but you may also want our trainers to assist your trainers in training your staff.  This model has several advantages. Contact us for more information.

“I would recommend MCS to my colleagues because it offers suggestions on real situations. It provides a different viewpoint on how to handle behavior problems.” -Educator