Managing Crisis Safely (MCS) Training

Managing Crisis Safely (MCS) is a crisis management course that teaches how to prevent crisis, as well as how to handle crisis situations when they arise. It includes de-escalation skills, protection skills, object recovery skills, escorting skills and restraint skills. MCS can help in school systems, youth detention facilities, first responders, residential facilities, programs for people with special needs and mental health facilities.

MCS is a program designed to prevent and manage aggressive behavior and to manage that behavior if necessary. It has been developed by Glenwood Inc. as the result of the staff’s experience and education managing critical behavior. MCS also includes physical training technique which may be utilized when non-physical techniques are unsuccessful or when there is no opportunity to avert physically aggressive behavior. After researching proven well established techniques, and staff’s own experience managing a variety of behaviors, Glenwood’s team developed best practices’ training. Over the past 20 years, the MCS training has been taught to over a hundred thousand people in a variety of settings, benefiting many in the community. 

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