Hope Cottages at Glenwood

The Hope Cottages at Glenwood came about through a partnership with Capstone Collegiate Communities (C3) and Glenwood, Inc. C3 plans to build the three homes with the help of their partners and friends that will make up Hope Cottages on Glenwood’s campus. Because of their effort and generosity, C3 will provide a new home for 16 individuals with ASD who need special care. Hope Cottages are a representation of the good that comes about when civic minded corporations decide to make a difference in their community.

“… my husband and I have been most blessed and also most challenged by raising and caring for a child who cannot speak and whose unpredictable behaviors make daily functioning difficult. Glenwood is a light in the darkness.” -a grateful Glenwood mother

To learn more about C3, check out their website.

To learn how you can get involved with Glenwood, contact Linda Baker at lbaker@glenwood.org or (205) 795-3376.

If you’re interested in making a donation to the project, go here.

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