Glenwood’s Pecans for Autism sale—Nov. 1

Shop our mammoth-size pecan halves by the pound!

Glenwood’s Pecans for Autism Holiday Sale is back for the 46th year! 1 in 44 children will be diagnosed with autism this year alone. Hope starts at Glenwood.

Since 1974 Glenwood has been dedicated to serving children, adolescents, and adults with autism and other behavioral health needs. Through diagnosis, residential care, outpatient services, educational services, and so many other services, Glenwood touches the lives of over 10,000 families each year.

Glenwood Pecans (Bham Now)

To help fund Glenwood’s incredible work, Glenwood’s Pecans for Autism have been a holiday staple. This is a vital fundraiser to support life-changing services to so many in our community.

Since 1976, nearly as long as Glenwood’s been in existence, we’ve held an annual Pecans for Autism sale that takes place during the holiday season. This year’s sale kicks off November 1st and offers delicious items that make perfect seasonal gifts.

Glenwood Pecans (Bham Now)

“This is Glenwood’s oldest and best-known fundraiser. We start getting calls in August with customers wanting to know when our pecans will be available for sale. The funds raised from this sale will be used to benefit Glenwood’s programs and services for children, adolescents, adults and families affected by autism and other behavioral health needs.” 

Shanda Daniel, Special Events Manager, Glenwood

We sell only the freshest “first shake” pecans from southern pecan farms. Our pecan halves are mammoth-size, the biggest and best-tasting available. Shop our pecan halves by the pound, or we offer a variety of specialty items including Pecan Brittle, Pecan Tarts, Pecan-flavored Coffees, assortments and more.

Glenwood’s superior quality mammoth pecan halves. 

Each year, the Pecans for Autism sale has continued to grow. If you’ve ever wondered just how many bags of nuts people consume during the holidays, here’s a general idea: In 2021, Glenwood sold over 32,000 pounds of plain pecans. We sold over 16,000 bags of specialty items like candied pecans. Talk about a lot of nuts!

You’ll love these Fancy Pecan Halves. (Bham Now)

This year, we hope to exceed last year’s sales.

“We would love to go over 35,000 pounds of the plain pecans and would like to sell 18,000 bags of specialty items.”

Shanda Daniel, Special Events Manager, Glenwood

What’s for Sale?

Pecan’s for Autism sale offers a variety of items—each tastier than the one before. The best part is that they make awesome gifts for everyone, like friends, family, teachers and coworkers.

Glenwood Pecans (Bham Now)

Here’s a peek at some of the items you can purchase:

  • Signature Pecans:
    • Flavors: milk chocolate covered, roasted & salted, cinnamon, glazed and more
  • Specialty Items:
    • Pecan tarts
    • Pecan Brittle
    • Divinity
  • Specialty Coffees:
    • Flavors: southern pecan and toasted cinnamon pecan
  • Holiday Assortments with pecans, coffee + other specialty items.
Glenwood Pecans (Bham Now)

Wondering if there’s a best-seller? According to Shanda, though Glenwood sells a tremendous amount of plain pecans for baking, the Milk Chocolate Covered Pecans are their best-seller.

Choose local pickup to get your order at our Pecan Warehouse on campus!

It’s easy to get these delicious pecans with a variety of pickup and shipping options. You can order directly from our website or by calling our Pecan Warehouse at (800)969-8059. Glenwood’s Pecan Warehouse located at 150 Glenwood Lane is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am – 3 pm for pickup for your orders.

Pecans will also be sold locally at Piggly Wiggly, Winn-Dixie, Iberia Bank, Oakworth Capital Bank, and SouthPoint Bank locations. Glenwood will be at multiple corporate and retail shows. Please visit our Pecans for Autism page for a full list of selling locations throughout the Birmingham area.

Glenwood Pecans (Bham Now)

Interested in volunteer opportunities during our Pecan Sale? Please reach out to the Pecan Warehouse by emailing