Glenwood Superheroes

We have seen so many acts of heroism, kindness, and compassion during this 7-week isolation. Through uncharted territory, our staff, donors, friends, families, volunteers, sponsors, and partners have all stepped in and stepped up. We want to honor some Autism Heroes that have shown great persistence, strength, and compassion during this time of uncertainty.

Mask Makers

Who is a superhero without a mask? Our staff has been outfitted in colorful masks courtesy of some amazing volunteers. With over 200 employees working directly with residents 24 hours a day, the need for masks was great. Volunteers from five different states sewed 250 masks to help outfit our heroes in their superhero gear. Thank you to our sewing warriors Jon’s Army, Nurse Amy, Ethelene Harbison, Ravenna Rice, Robin Wood and Staci Hawkins!

Our Mighty Team

The health and wellness of our residents is the direct result of our amazing staff doing outstanding work every day. There are not enough ways to thank them for their service. Hero signs were posted all over our campuses and on the lawns of 29 homes. It’s a small way to recognize the big job they are doing throughout quarantine to keep residents healthy and happy. We are honored to have them as team members and caregivers!

Aprons Are Superhero Capes

Food Services at Glenwood have pivoted to meet the needs of residents. Staff in our cafeteria have been preparing to-go meals for all residents. Workers from each of the 29 homes come to the cafeteria to pick up their meals. The men and women who work in food services miss seeing the cafeteria full of the residents they have gotten to know over the years. But, they are showing their love through carryout cooking!

Teaching Superpowers

We already know that teachers are superheroes. We’d like to add therapists to that category. Teachers and therapists from Glenwood schools have been working together to develop lesson plans to help residents and students at home. They are utilizing technology, computers, and some old-school hands on activities to make sure students continue to learn and develop new skills during quarantine. Students can now add video chats to their list of skills learned!