Glenwood Graduation 2021

Celebrating the milestones of our lives helps us to mark the passage of time from childhood through old age. Events shared with friends and family, and even those silent supporters among us, summon our common humanity as we say, “Congratulations.”

Since its humble beginnings in a donated space at a local church in 1974, to the multi-programmed organization we are today, Glenwood bears witness to many triumphs and personal milestones in the lives of those we serve. This past month we held two graduation ceremonies: one for our children at the Children’s Center in Avondale and the other for our high schoolers at the Allan Cott school on Glenwood’s main campus.

Children’s Center:

Opened in 2018, Glenwood’s Children’s Center in Avondale offers 1:1 and group applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy to children ages 2-6.  ABA focuses on establishing and teaching functional skills across multiple areas of development including: communication, social, self-help, daily living, safety, play, and academic skills, as well as eliminate and replace challenging with appropriate behavior.

After age 6 most of the children at the Center transition into public school or move on to another program or clinic that serves children 7 and older. To commemorate this important milestone in the lives of our kids, we held a graduation ceremony for them on July 23rd.

In a room filled with happy family members (and some sad staff members sorry to see them leave), 8 children filed into the room to receive their diplomas. Some of the kids were happy, some anxious, but all were smiling and happy once they saw the people and balloons in the room.

Before the ceremony began, the children presented the audience with a gift of a song. Afterwards, each child received their diploma. These children (like all children their age) were hams; jumping and showing off whenever it was their turn to receive their diploma. It was a great moment to witness, and hopefully with your continued support of programs like our Children’s Center, more families will have the opportunity to participate in a graduation ceremony for their children.


Allan Cott School

Glenwood’s Allan Cott School serves children between the ages of 6 and 21 diagnosed with Autism and is located on Glenwood’s main campus. The school’s low student-to-staff ratio allows for great personal attention to each student creating a caring environment that encourages learning. Certified Special Education Teachers supervise all classrooms with assistance from Licensed Behavior Analysts. The curriculum and instruction emphasize academics based on the extended standards of the State of Alabama Department of Education.

This past July 30th we had 7 graduating seniors. Donned in their caps and gowns, these young men and women each met the goals and objectives set by their Individualized Education Plans and monitored by their local school districts. As the graduation march music played, family and friends watched as each senior was called up and presented a diploma. Teachers offered their heart-felt reflections of their time with the graduates and how their lives have forever been changed by knowing each individual graduating that day. After the ceremony friends, families, and staff members gathered for photos and to wish our graduates well on their next milestones in life.

Won’t you help Glenwood help the next group of graduates reaching for their next milestones in life? It is through support by individuals such as yourself that Glenwood provides the teachers, therapists, learning materials, and everything in-between to help our individuals reach their goals.

As you reflect on the milestones of your life, who were your supporters, helping you achieve your goals? Can you identify them all?  Why not make a gift in honor of one of your supporters?