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Glenwood Expands Services and Location

A ribbon was recently cut for the newly named Mallie M. Ireland Building, marking the official celebration for and completion of Glenwood, Inc.’s $10 million capital campaign.

Thanks to the success of Renowned Care, Renewed Hope: Campaign for Glenwood, three buildings in the Avondale area of Birmingham were purchased and renovated to provide easier access to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other mental health concerns.

Glenwood began services at the Avondale campus in October 2018 with the opening of the Children’s Center in the Mallie M. Ireland Building. The Children’s Center offers intense Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy, along with Speech and Occupational therapies, to prepare young children for school. ABA is one of the most successful therapies for children with ASD. The Center also offers family support and education sessions.

Glenwood plans to seek funding for a simulation classroom, where graduates of ABA therapy can prepare for inclusive learning settings. This classroom would also provide excellent on-site training for teachers and healthcare professionals across Alabama. The Center plans to serve as a training site for area universities.

The Avondale Outpatient Center opened in June 2019 to provide the best in diagnostic, psychiatric and behavior therapy. The Outpatient Clinic provides professional analysis and compassionate direction to families in need of diagnostic services. The first step is a Diagnostic Assessment with an individualized therapy plan presented to each family that includes recommendations for intervention and specialized therapies. Early intervention is proven to improve outcomes for children on the autism spectrum.
In addition to the new Avondale campus, Glenwood has expanded services in Birmingham and Huntsville through Journey Academy, a center for adults with ASD to prepare for employment. Residential facilities for children and adults have also been acquired and/or renovated, both on campus and in the community.

All of this was made possible through the generous donors to the campaign. It has opened doors to new opportunities and Glenwood is now in the beginning stages of creating a year-round art program for education and recreation purposes, as well as creating a Center for art and other extracurricular activities to be offered in the future. (See story ART FOR AUTISM).

Philip Young, Glenwood Board of Directors Chair and Campaign Co-Chair says, “Glenwood is determined to provide the best services to the most people possible. Congratulations to all who participated in making HOPE HAPPEN!”