Glenwood started in Vestavia Hills and has grown to locations in Southside, Avondale, and community homes around the Birmingham area. The main campus is located in Birmingham behind Liberty Park. 

Glenwood’s 365 beautiful acres are certified as a TREASURE Forest by the Alabama TREASURE Forest Association (ATFA). TREASURE Forest members are recognized for their dedication to improving forestlands of Alabama as well as for maintaining good stewardship with the natural world. TREASURE Forests like Glenwood are valued for their Timber, Recreation, Environment, Aesthetics, for a Sustained Usable Resource.

ATFA is a 501 (c)3 non-profit, educational corporation. Since its inception, over 2000 TREASURE Forests have been certified, amounting to nearly 2 million acres of Alabama forestland. One of ATFA’s primary goals is to educate the state about responsible forest management and to promote a strong relationship between man and nature.




Map of Glenwood Campus