CARES ACT offers incentives to support charitable giving

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was  signed into law  March 27, 2020. In addition to providing fast and direct economic assistance for Americans regarding jobs and business, it offers  incentives to encourage individuals and corporations to continue supporting their charitable interests.  

Some tax considerations include:

  • For non-itemizers, a $300 above-the-line deduction for cash gifts to qualified charitable organizations (no donor advised funds or supporting organizations).
  • For itemizers, an increase in the deduction limit for charitable gifts of cash from 60% to 100% of AGI with a five-year carryover.
  • Increased deduction limit on corporate giving from 10% to 25%.
  • Increased deduction limit on gifts of food inventory to 25%.
  • As always, check with your advisors for specifics regarding your situation.

What else is included in the new law?

  • A one-time tax rebate of up to $1,200 for adults and $500 per child. The full rebate will be available for individuals with income up to $75,000 and married couples up to $150,000. The benefit is phased out for higher income individuals and families.
  • Enhanced unemployment benefits of $600 a week for four months in addition to state benefits.
  • $350 billion in relief to small businesses (including nonprofits) to help them continue operating and maintain employees.
  • The CARES Act includes incentives to encourage individuals and corporations to continue supporting their charitable interests.
  • Increased limits on borrowing from retirement plans; waiver of the 10% penalty for coronavirus-related early withdrawals from 401(k)s and IRAs; all RMDs suspended for 2020 tax year.



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Donate $35+ and Get a T-shirt

During the COVID-19 response, we’ve all learned a lot. We know we’re better together, even if we can’t physically be together, or if we have to practice social distancing. Glenwood continues making the health and safety of those we serve a top priority. With 120 individuals isolated in 29 homes, our staff have been heroes in keeping everyone well and making it as comfortable as possible. Students have enjoyed walks, art, games and hunts for crawfish and frogs.

We can’t wait to be open again for important evaluations and diagnoses so parents can have a treatment plan. Our behavior, speech and occupational therapists miss working with the small children, and we know families need these services.

We must be here for many families as soon as we can be. We know some of you are hurting, too. But if you can, we ask for your support today. Your donations help fund the expense of extra care in the homes during isolation and financial losses we are experiencing in suspended programs. With every gift of $35 or more by April 30th, we will send you a Glenwood Better Together (6 feet apart) t-shirt shown above.

Make a gift online or mail it 150 Glenwood Lane, Birmingham, AL 35242. *Include your t-shirt size and shipping address with your donation. We’d love to see you in your shirt! Snap a photo and post it to our Facebook page. Thank you for any help you can do!

*Include your t-shirt size and shipping address in the comments section of the online donation form.



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Glenwood Names Director of Compliance and PI

April Richardson has been named Director of Compliance and Performance Improvement at Glenwood Inc. She comes to Glenwood with more than 13 years of health care experience.  She is a recent graduate of Cumberland School of Law and holds a master of science degree from Samford University with a focus in health law and policy. She also earned a master of science in management from Faulkner University and a bachelor of science in health care administration from Auburn University. Richardson is currently pursuing certification in health care compliance through the Certification Compliance Board.

As an advocate for both individuals served and staff, Richardson seeks to promote organizational culture that reflects the mission, vision and values set forth by Glenwood, which touched the lives of more than 18,000 families last year.

 “April’s expertise will be a tremendous asset in working with management across all divisions to guide Glenwood’s continuous quality improvement program. With 37 programs that serve people as young as 18 months through adulthood, it’s a big and important role. Ensuring that Glenwood continues to deliver the highest quality standards of care for those we serve is a top priority,” said Ken Oliver, Glenwood president and chief executive officer.

Apart from her career, April enjoys quality time with her husband Sam, and two children, Samuel and Savanna. One of her favorite things to do is encourage others through acts of kindness. She firmly believes in the golden rule, “ Treat others as you would want to be treated.”

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Stories of Care in Isolation

Life at Glenwood has been a bit different as staff care for residents who have been under self-quarantine. Our team is moving mountains to make sure that the individuals we serve stay healthy AND have some fun. We are 25 days into the quarantine and are happy to share that no residents have tested positive for COVID-19. With 27 homes and 120 residents, that is something that we are proud to report.

Staff are working 24 hours a day to take all the steps to keep this virus at bay. During that time, they are coming up with creative ways for the residents to have some fun. On campus, the lake has become a favorite spot. Canoes and paddle boats are ready to enjoy. Off-campus, some homes have brought in a pool for some back-yard fun. And don’t worry, all water activities have a lifeguard present.

Art projects and outdoor games have been a great way to pass the time. Painting bird feeders, sidewalk chalk, and beanbag toss are a few ways that residents and staff are keeping busy. As many of you can relate, being at home can inspire some simple and creative fun.

One building on campus has become a favorite place to go..the gym. Staff developed a schedule for each house to use the gym independently and clean it between each use.

Caleb LaRue normally serves as the PE and Recreational Instructor. Caleb shared, “going to the gym yesterday was something that many of our guys had been looking forward to for several days. When we got there, it was amazing how excited they were to just stretch their legs. Several of our guys enjoyed running and jumping on scooters. One individual would get a running start and take off flying across the gym on the scooter. The whole group was excited about being out of the house after a week of isolation. The gym has provided our children and adults with a breath of fresh air.” He went on to say that, “Glenwood’s campus and trails have also provided a great way to get fresh air and a way to stretch one’s legs since community outings and non-essential visits are not allowed.

We are so thankful to our care team for giving their hearts to supporting the individuals we serve. Their hard work is truly making a difference!


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Telebehavioral Health Now Available at Glenwood

Glenwood’s Outpatient and Family and Community Services (FACS) programs have been working hard to adapt our services to assist families and develop effective and safe platforms for continuing services during COVID-19. We are happy to announce we are now able to provide telebehavioral health services and therapy for a variety of needs including anxiety, depression, behavior support, and social skills, as well as for our intensive, in-home therapy program (FACS). This service is available to current clients and anyone in immediate need.

To get started, contact Glenwood’s intake coordinator for more information at 205-939-1088. We are continuing to explore options for assessment services and will provide updates regarding additional telebehavioral health options as they develop. 

Help get the word out! Share this with anyone that you know that needs help.

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How Glenwood is Responding to Covid-19

With the health and safety of the individuals we serve, and those who serve them, as a top priority, Glenwood is responding to mitigate exposure in several ways. So far, things are going well.
Glenwood is a complex organization with more than 20 programs touching 18,000 lives annually so planning and being flexible to change are part of what we do. While no one ever expected anything like COVID-19, the team quickly went into action to decrease opportunities for exposure. We made early preparations, ordering supplies and planning how to incorporate social distancing.
“I’m really proud of our staff,” said President & CEO Ken Oliver. “Across the organization, everyone has come together to do what’s best for those we serve.”
Many of our programs remain in place with adjustments for health and safety. These programs have been temporarily suspended:
  • Allan Cott School for children with autism is utilizing distance learning
  • Lakeview School for boys age 6-13 with severe emotional and behavioral issues is utilizing distance learning
  • Sullivan Center, a day program for adults with autism
  • Journey Academy, where adults with autism learn about jobs
Full-time residential care remains in place for more than 120 residents. A few went home to quarantine with their families, and the rest are remaining with Glenwood under self-quarantine with our staff. Longer hours are now required from staff to work in the homes. We’ve deployed staff from some of the suspended programs to work in the homes. 
Many people with autism thrive on consistency, so the changes have been challenging for them. The quarantine means no community outings, shopping trips and no community activities and no visitors from the outside. Staff are encouraging telephone, Skype and other social media contact for our individuals with family and friends. Staff working in one home cannot work in another home, and if someone becomes ill, we have an emergency home ready to house them away from others.
The therapists and teachers, who aren’t usually in the homes, are cross training, and working with direct support professionals and managers to make the quarantine the best experience it can be for residents. That’s where hula hoops, technology, games, balls and outdoor walks come in very handy. We also have a beautiful campus that offers lots of opportunity for outdoor activities for residents on-campus. Staff are managing well.
This has also been hard for residents’ families who typically visit regularly with their loved ones at Glenwood. There are other families who are suddenly working from home with a child with special needs. Staff are communicating with families and making themselves available by phone. The Children’s Center also made therapy packets to send home with parents to work on during the break.
From a financial standpoint, there are extra costs for supplies and staffing homes full-time. There will likely be a loss of revenue from suspending appointments, and we’re looking to move the golf tournament to the fall. “We all hope to be back to normal soon, but in case we aren’t, we’re looking for ways to meet the needs of the families we serve. They need us, and we will be here for them as long as it takes, whatever it takes,” said Oliver. 
Extra donations can be a big help during these uncertain times. If you can help us, please consider making a donation online or mailing a gift to 150 Glenwood Lane, Birmingham, AL 35242.
Our team is moving mountains to make sure that the individuals we serve stay healthy AND have some fun. Click here to read Stories of Care in Isolation.


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Date Rescheduled for the 2020 Ireland Legacy Golf Tournament

Due to health concerns from Covid-19, Glenwood has rescheduled the 28th Annual Ireland Legacy Tournament to Monday, September 28th. We will be reaching out to teams and sponsors to confirm the new date.

The tournament will be held at Old Overton Club with the shotgun start at 11:30 a.m. We are grateful to our sponsors for helping this long running golf tournament raise more than $100,000 each year for Glenwood’s programs for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The tournament is named in honor of the Ireland family and in memory of Kitty, Kathy, Faye & Bill Sr., and Mallie & Glenn Ireland. The Ireland family was instrumental in founding Glenwood 40 years ago to serve individuals with ASD and behavioral health needs in Alabama. 

Special thanks to our returning Title Sponsor, King Acura, who has supported Glenwood for over 10 years! The golf teams are sold out, but you can still support the event. Hole sponsorships start at $1,000. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, Linda Baker, 205-795-3376,

Download and fill out the team registration form and email it to

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All Glenwood Programs Suspended for COVID-19

The health and safety of those we serve and of our dedicated staff is important to Glenwood. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 Virus (Coronavirus) and have plans in place to mitigate exposure while supporting those we serve.

All outpatient services and day programs, including our schools, are currently suspended with staff available to assist families by phone if needed. For those in residential care, each home is under self-isolation, and we are not allowing nonessential visitors. Please continue to check back for additional updates.

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Big Top 2020 Was an Amazing Night

With the help of our sponsors, Friends of Glenwood, and all who attended A Night Under the Big Top, you helped exceed our goals, raising over $260,000…our highest yet! We thank the Glenwood Junior Board for putting on an amazing event! Thank you for your part in providing important services for children with autism and other behavioral health concerns. 

Did you attend A Night Under Big Top?  Here are a few ways to remember your night:

As you can imagine, a lot of work goes into planning this fun event. We want to thank our amazing Junior Board who really knows how to put together a great party for an awesome cause. Special thanks to this year’s Event Chairs, Lauren Hyde and Harold Collins and Committee Chairs Nadav Raviv, Maudrecus Humphrey, and Alex Merrill. We also want to thank President, Tim Hennessy and Vice-President, Tommy Brown. This year was like no other and we are grateful to the extra hours you put in to create a memorable night. 

This event would not be possible without sponsor support. We are grateful to all of our sponsors who return each year and the many new sponsors who helped us have a record-breaking year. Glenwood relies on the money raised from this event to enhance services for children who need it most.

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Senior Team Announced at Glenwood


Ken Oliver, the newly named president and chief executive officer of Glenwood, Inc., has announced the senior team that will manage the nonprofit organization. Glenwood touched the lives of more than 18,000 families last year through more than 20 programs. 

“This outstanding group of leaders brings an amazing depth and breadth of experience in the human services field,” Oliver shared. He went on to say, “Their combined experience represents over 125 years of experience and service to others. Their past work includes experience in government agencies, for-profit ventures, and religious and non-profit organizations in Alabama as well as several other states. Each member of this group shares a deep commitment to the values represented in Glenwood’s legacy—service to others at the highest possible levels of quality and loving compassion for those we have the privilege of serving. It is my pleasure to join them every day in our efforts to continue to pursue and fulfill the Glenwood mission, and I look forward to serving with them for many years to come.”

Linda Baker, with more than 20 years of experience in nonprofit development, is the chief development officer. She has a background in media and corporate communications and previously worked in development with the American Red Cross and United Ability.  Baker was the staff lead on Glenwood’s recent $10 million capital campaign. The ninth and largest campaign in Glenwood’s 46-year history has allowed major growth and expansion for families touched by autism spectrum disorder and other mental health concerns.

Thomas Bernal joined Glenwood recently as the chief financial officer to drive development and implementation of financial strategy and to assist with financial planning and economic modeling. He oversees accounting, billing, contracts, 403b administration, food services, instructional technology and facilities. He came from St. Anne’s, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization, where he helped manage a $30 million budget and has more than 20 years of experience in senior level finance positions.

Christy Castleberry has been promoted to chief compliance and administration officer. She has been with Glenwood more than 20 years and oversees compliance and program integrity, outpatient services in Birmingham, legal and risk management, community education, health services, human resources and staff training. She holds a master’s degree in business administration.

Cinda Walchli is vice president of child and adolescent services and has been named clinical director. In her position she oversees children’s residential services for children with autism and boys with severe emotional and behavioral disturbances (SEBD). She also oversees Lakeview School for the boys in the SEBD program. She recently added responsibilities for clinical oversight of all of Glenwood’s programs. She holds a master’s degree in social work, is a licensed clinical social worker and has expertise in attachment disorder, behavior disorders, crisis management and parent skills training. She has been with Glenwood more than 30 years.

Barbara Mosley is vice president of adult services. This includes Glenwood’s day rehab program for more than 50 adults, Journey Academy in Birmingham and Huntsville that serves more than 30 adults in learning job skills. It also includes six residential homes for adults with autism on campus and 14 homes in the community. Mosley holds a master’s degree in public administration and has more than 25 years of experience in the field, seven of which have been at Glenwood.

Paul Agostini is the new vice president of education and applied behavior analysis (ABA). He oversees Allan Cott School, which serves 50 students on the severe end of the autism spectrum. He oversees all ABA services which includes Allan Cott students, adults served on the south Jefferson County campus, young children at the Mallie M. Ireland Children’s Center that opened in Avondale last fall and children in the greater Birmingham community. He also oversees Outpatient Services in Montgomery. Agostini has a master’s in psychology with emphasis on applied behavior analysis from Ball State University. He started at Glenwood is a board certified behavior analyst seven years ago and is aa licensed behavior analyst in Alabama.


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