Capital Campaign IX Update 2022

As we reflect on Glenwood’s recently completed capital campaign, it seems appropriate to summarize the significant and varied benefits which have been produced for the individuals we serve. Our beautiful Sicard Hollow campus has been vastly improved with renovations and upgrades to most of our homes and other structures, along with construction of additional new homes. We established a brand-new campus setting in the Avondale community of Birmingham. We have added and improved homes in the community. And, very importantly, we have expanded our programs and the size of our team.

In addition to these capital projects, we have used our other financial resources to improve our compensation and benefits package to help attract and retain the best and brightest people to help us serve. Glenwood also grew its endowment during the campaign, helping
provide stability for the future.

The following report provides additional details about the benefits you have helped create through this capital campaign. I hope you will review it with the sense of deep appreciation that we feel for your support and for your continued prayers and support for Glenwood and the people we serve.

Ken Oliver
President and CEO of GLENWOOD

Click here to download the full report.


Now It Begins

When the campaign began in 2013, 1 in 69 individuals were being diagnosed with autism. Today, 1 in 44 are being diagnosed, so the need for services continues to grow. With campaign funds raised and spent, we could say it’s a wrap. But, now the best part really begins, the part where we can serve people in better ways and serve more people. We could tell you about construction, remodeling, hiring new staff…but, we know that what happens BECAUSE of these upgrades is WHAT REALLY MATTERS. Read on to see the impact made by the $10 million raised in this campaign.

The Campaign for Glenwood renewed community awareness of tremendous needs that experts and trained professionals can address. Parents never stop hoping for the best for their children, even when they are adults. When a family member is touched by autism and other mental health issues, the entire family – and often a community – is touched as well.


Home Sweet Home

In 2013, Glenwood was serving 54 adults with autism in residential care. Today, Glenwood
boasts 22 homes serving 86 adults. Another eight homes serve 41 children.

  • Overton Home was added and renovated in a collaboration with Embrace Alabama Kids, formerly the United Methodist Children’s Home. It is Glenwood’s first off-campus home for children with autism.
  • Sherborne Home was purchased in the community as a home for three adults.
  • Six community homes and eight campus
    properties enjoyed upgrades.
  • Most of our homes now have backup generators to keep them operating in the event of outages.
  • Harper Chapel on our original campus received foundation repairs and a facelift.
  • Glenwood has almost 400 employees, many of whom serve individuals in these homes. The Human Resources Department now enjoys better space in what was once a warehouse. Vulcan Center, which formerly housed our Outpatient Services, received improvements to house administrative staff. Much needed paving and patching of roads was done.

Where We Learn

Glenwood’s first program, Allan Cott School, serves children with autism. The Center includes Lakeview School for boys age 6-13, who spend about 13 months at Glenwood for severe emotional and behavioral disorders. Major additions to help students to grow and learn include the Shirley G. Seay Life Skills Training Center and a Multi-Sensory Room. The Life Skills Center is designed as a small home to teach important skills such as cooking, laundry, and other tasks related to home life. The Multi-Sensory environment uses light and sound to calm children who may be overstimulated or increase energy for one who is understimulated. This area can also help children learn to better tolerate sensory challenges.

Improvements to the cafeteria, reception area, gym, pool, waterfront, and fencing rounded out enhancements to the learning experience.

Music, visual arts, and art-oriented activities are proven to have a positive impact on behavior and mood. Families are interested in their loved ones having choices that provide a full and meaningful life. We began to expand arts and music to the individuals we serve in fall 2020. Musicians and artists have been engaged bringing art sessions, music, drumming, piano, and more to our programs. In the fall of 2021 Glenwood’s Arts Center opened in Avondale as a special place where those served can come for sessions. In the future, we plan to open the Arts Center up for the community to enjoy some of these services.


Outpatient Services relocated from the Sicard Hollow campus to the new Avondale campus to be more accessible to families who need evaluations, diagnoses, and recommendations. This is where the journey begins for many families touched by autism or other mental health issues. Individual and family therapy is available here, as well. Our clinic offers timely assessment, therapy, education, and support from professionals specifically trained in the area of child and adolescent development and mental health. Nearly 600 individuals received direct services in 2021. This is in addition to the 3,700 supported through our community referral process.

Children’s Center

Early services are important for children with developmental delays. The Mallie M. Ireland Children’s Center opened in Avondale to offer life-changing applied behavior analysis, or ABA, services. The Children’s Center opened in the fall of 2018 and quickly had a long waiting list. In the fall of 2021, an expansion opened to serve additional children. The Children’s Center offers intensive, one-on-one therapy for 35 hours a week for children ages 2-7. Occupational and speech therapies are also available in Avondale to help provide a foundation for future success.

Adult Day Programming and Activities

Many people find meaning in work, and people with autism often have limited experiences. Glenwood opened Journey Academy in early 2018 near the UAB campus. This program provides opportunities for adults to practice working in an environment which mirrors actual work settings. The Sullivan Center on the Sicard Hollow campus also received upgrades. This setting provides other meaningful opportunities for adults.


The Best Part

While new or improved buildings and additional services are exciting, offering hope to more families is the WHY behind it all. The best part of a capital campaign is having a community come together to help many families on the journey of autism spectrum disorder or other mental health concerns. When we all work together we will see children grow up with a brighter future. We will see adults proudly earning their own money and learning independence. We will see the individuals we serve living life to their fullest potential.




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