Jugglers, Smiles and even Mickey Mouse

Glenwood staff put on our first social distance parade for residents living in isolation in Glenwood homes. Prior to COVID-19, residents used to socialize together through activities and school. We are now 78 days in to quarantine and residents miss their friends, teachers, staff members, and even families.

The parade provided an opportunity for staff to wave and cheer for residents, lifting spirits and helping them know they are missed. Spectators were treated to decorated vehicles, smiling faces, a juggler, and even a special appearance from Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Hopefully it gave the individuals we serve and staff a small break in the day for something encouraging and fun!

We are expecting residents to remain in quarantine through the end of June. But, residents are now able to have socially distant visits with family members. Strict protocols are in place to try to keep residents and families safe and healthy. Meetings are held outside, when possible, with a safe 6′ distance maintained. Temperatures are checked and everyone wears a mask.

A few visits have already taken place and they were a success for all involved. While it’s hard not to be able to hug or hold hands, just seeing one another has been an amazing experience. Staff have been so moved by being a part of these special family moments.

This bike from Regions Bank has been getting lots of extra love. We are so grateful for their bike donation which has provided fun for residents, students and staff, especially during quarantine. One staff member even rode it in our recent campus parade. Regions Bank has supported Glenwood for many years in so many ways. We are grateful to have them as a partner!



Are you looking for a meaningful career or do you know someone who is? Do you want to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world? While many companies have had to furlough workers, Glenwood has continued to hire staff. Glenwood is seeking Direct Support Professionals to help better the lives of those we serve. YOU can be a light to many in these times.

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