Donate $35+ and Get a T-shirt

During the COVID-19 response, we’ve all learned a lot. We know we’re better together, even if we can’t physically be together, or if we have to practice social distancing. Glenwood continues making the health and safety of those we serve a top priority. With 120 individuals isolated in 29 homes, our staff have been heroes in keeping everyone well and making it as comfortable as possible. Students have enjoyed walks, art, games and hunts for crawfish and frogs.

We can’t wait to be open again for important evaluations and diagnoses so parents can have a treatment plan. Our behavior, speech and occupational therapists miss working with the small children, and we know families need these services.

We must be here for many families as soon as we can be. We know some of you are hurting, too. But if you can, we ask for your support today. Your donations help fund the expense of extra care in the homes during isolation and financial losses we are experiencing in suspended programs. With every gift of $35 or more by April 30th, we will send you a Glenwood Better Together (6 feet apart) t-shirt shown above.

Make a gift online or mail it 150 Glenwood Lane, Birmingham, AL 35242. *Include your t-shirt size and shipping address with your donation. We’d love to see you in your shirt! Snap a photo and post it to our Facebook page. Thank you for any help you can do!

*Include your t-shirt size and shipping address in the comments section of the online donation form.



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