A Story With a Happy Ending


Glenwood is best known for specializing in autism spectrum disorder across the lifespan. There is another important group we serve…young boys with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. These boys deserve a chance for a better life, a better future, and a loving family.

Tyler was one young boy who came to Glenwood. Before moving here, Tyler lived in 13 foster homes in less than a year. 

When he came to Glenwood, he weighed a mere 34 pounds, couldn’t speak, resorted to violence to express himself, and lacked many basic skills. Tyler required one-on-one assistance for basic daily routines. Glenwood staff taught him how to bathe and how to dress. Working with speech therapists, he learned how to communicate. Thanks to tailored therapy, Tyler learned how to express his feelings with words instead of actions. With the care and expertise of Glenwood’s amazing staff, Tyler made the most amazing transformation. His sister was eventually located, and they were able to see each other, to play together again for the first time in two long years.

After a year of therapeutic support, he left Glenwood and went to live with a new foster family. This time it was different from the families before Glenwood. Now, Tyler was different. This family was full of love and happiness, and they grew to love Tyler in a way he had never known before. This family is now his family. He was adopted as their son.

Without community support, Tyler’s story had a different ending. We need YOUR help TODAY to provide these vital services. 

Would you consider making a year-end gift to Glenwood?

Many more kids like Tyler need a chance for a better life and a better future.

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