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Glenwood Inc., The Autism and Behavioral Health Center/Community Education Programs (CEP), will offer four, one-week summer training sessions in 2016 for a limited number of participants. The training is for both new and veteran teachers (General Education Teachers and Special Education Teachers), paraprofessionals, administrators, therapists, school nurses, counselors, bus drivers, and any other individuals who work with children with Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or students with behavioral, social-emotional, or developmental needs.

The training program, designed to meet the needs of teachers and other professionals who work with students diagnosed with ASD or other disorders as described above, will consist of 40 hours of professional development provided over a five-day period. Training will be conducted at Glenwood and limited to a maximum of 25 attendees per week. Sixteen hours of instruction will be provided, utilizing various professional staff, consultants, and instructional resources. The remaining 24 hours will be spent in direct application of learning, as the participants will observe and interact with students with ASD and other disorders, as well as typically developing peers. Feedback regarding working with students with ASD and other disorders will be a daily part of each training session.
A general outline of training topics includes the following:

  • The Nature of Autism Spectrum Disorders and DSM-V
  • ABC’s of Behavior/ Function/ FBA
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Writing BIP’s
  • Communication
  • Antecedent Interventions (e.g., Structured Teaching and Visual Strategies)
  • Strategies for Inclusion
  • Transition
  • Social Skills
  • Working with Families

Attendees will be able to select ONE week from the following training sessions:

  1. June 13 – June 17
  2. June 27 – July 1
  3. July 18 – July 22
  4. July 25 – July 29

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Special thanks to Crippled Children’s Foundation, and Wells Fargo Foundation for their support of Teacher Training.



Professionals have the option to pay a flat registration fee of $750.00, or for $1,200.00 dollars arrangements will be made by Glenwood, Inc. to house attendees in a local hotel convenient to the Glenwood campus. For those staying at the hotel, breakfast will be provided. Lunch is provided by the Glenwood cafeteria.

If you register on or before APRIL 15Th, 2016, the cost for the week-long training will be $700.00 or $1150.00 for hotel and training package.

If your LEA sends 3 or more individuals for training, you will get a $100.00 discount on all individual rates ($650/Individual for training only or $1100/Individual for hotel and training package). Plus early bird discount of $50 if registered before April 1.

Please provide individual LEAs information about this wonderful training opportunity.

For those who are interested in attending the training, please complete and e-mail or fax the attached application as soon as possible but no later than May 6, 2016 to:

Valerie Anderson, Administrative Assistant
Summer Teacher Training Program
Glenwood, Inc.
150 Glenwood Lane
Birmingham, Alabama 35242
FAX: (205) 212-6739
E-Mail: vanderson@glenwood.org


If you have any questions, please contact Valerie Anderson at (205)-212-6726.

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