2015 Unlocking the Mystery Conference

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Agenda/Line Up:

 8:00-8:15 intro and welcome

8:15-9:30-Keynote (scott parks)

9:30-9:50-break to move to disperse and visit vendors

9:50-10:50– Breakout (4 rooms; 1 session in each room  (1 in sanctuary, 3 in each of the rooms located downstairs)

  1. May (board attorney)-small room downstairs;

Rajesh Kana-Sanctuary;

Ellen Casale-downstairs room;

Sam Redden-downstairs room

10:50-11:00 break

11:00-12:00 Breakout (4 rooms; 1 session in sanctuary, 3 in rooms downstairs)

Sharleen Williams-downstairs large room;

Cathy/Paula-smallest room downstairs;

Pat Cox/Victoria Smith-large room downstairs;


12:00-12:45 Break, pickup lunch,vendors,

12:45-2:00 (sanctuary (Kent & Dustin-45 minutes each)

2:10-3:10 Breakout (2 room; 1 session in sanctuary, 1 in large room downstairs)

Robert Cornelius-room downstairs:

Crystal Richardson/Claire Ward-downstairs;

Courtney Smith-Sanctuary

3:10-3:15 dismissal, certificates