We Love Volunteers At Glenwood

Over the past few weeks we have been so thankful to have three wonderful volunteer groups visit our campus to generously give their time.  Cumberland Law students, Southern Nuclear Operating Company and Altec Industries helped us by painting two of the residential homes for children diagnosed with autism: McDonough House and Reynolds House.

Studies have shown that children with autism see colors with greater intensity than their typical peers. With this in mind our volunteers painted the residential homes in calming colors . The children were so thankful for all of our volunteers’ hard work, and came out to meet the groups bringing thank you cards and refreshments to show their appreciation.  When the children came to visit they were able to see the color and personality that had been added to their bedrooms and throughout the homes.

If you, your club, organization or family and friends would like to spend a day devoting your time to enriching the lives of those served by Glenwood please call Rebecca Sibley at (205) 795.3267 or rsibley@glenwood.org.


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