The Walls at Allan Cott

In the last decade various forms of electronic teaching tools have been adopted by schools across the nation, from electronic black boards to Ipads and SMART Boards, teachers are becoming more familiar with technology in the classroom. But, there is something to be said about the classic cork and paper bulletin board display. Bulletin boards and classroom displays make a classroom more inviting. Often it has been said that a bulletin board is the window into a classroom. If that is the case, then the Allan Cott School at Glenwood offers a handful of very inspiring and creative bulletin boards! The teachers at Glenwood utilize display boards as a learning resource to engage students in new concepts and to showcase the students work and accomplishments. Several topics are displayed on Glenwoods school bulletin boards throughout the school year including: autism awareness, holidays, positive attitudes, summer activities, seasons, science, student artwork and plenty more. Great work teachers and students, the bulletin boards look fantastic!

-Written by Carrie Montgomery, Development Associate, Mitchell’s Place


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