Stephen Wiltshire’s incredible talent

Stephen Wiltshire can take a single glimpse of a cityscape and draw it back strictly from memory with precise detail. Tomorrow 20/20 will cover this true story of an incredibly talented man, and his artistic ability. Stephen has autism, and he uses his unique ability to highlight the challenges and unique strengths individuals with autism face.

Research professor of psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and chief science officer at Autism Speaks, Dr. Geraldine Dawson, was quoted in the article concerning Stephen Wiltshire on saying “Autism impairs communication among certain parts of the brain, which severely affects the brain’s ability to process information. But these roadblocks may help Stephen focus on the details in his drawings. His struggle with communication may be the reason for his artistic success. The person with autism tends to be able to use lower perceptual areas independently, and they don’t have the interference with some of the language areas and other higher areas that seem to interfere with their ability to see and reproduce a visual scene”.

This is a truly a story of hope and we hope you tune into ABC’s 20/20 Friday night!  To learn more about Stephen Wiltshire visit his website at

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