Science Based Resource

Researched based treatment and education is crucial when dealing with autism. It means the methods have been tested and shown to create positive outcomes; however, it can be difficult to decipher what has been accurately researched. We hope this blog can be a reliable source for parents and professionals when seeking autism information.

A wonderful resource we like is the Science in Autism Treatment Newsletter, created by the Association for Science in Autism Treatment. As its name suggest, the newsletter highlights science and research based treatments and information. A few of the topics highlighted in the Summer 2010 edition include: “Relationship Development Intervention”, “How do I explain my decision to use science-based treatments for autism when friends & relatives insist I try something new?”, “What is Verbal Behavior? Is it different from ABA, and does my child need it to learn language?” as well as an inspiring story about one family’s journey with autism.

We hope you enjoy the information as much as we did! Click here to read the entire newsletter.

Association for Science in Autism Treatment web site.

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