Gesture Technology

We think this is pretty cool…

People frequently use gestures to communicate.  Gesture technology allows humans to perform simple tasks by gesturing.  Recent advances in this technology have made gesture recognition devices smaller, easier to use, and more affordable to the public. Body Language, an article in May’s issue of Fast Company, examines several different types of gesture recognition devices, including tools which can translate sign language into spoken words and a small computer chip which if embedded in a gadget can control the gadget by simply exhaling.

How can this new technology assist people with disabilities?  Gesture recognition devices have the opportunity to make people with disabilities more self-dependent. Devices which follow movements made by the hands help individuals with limited speech capabilities interact with people who do not know sign language.  These devices can also aid with basic daily tasks, such as controlling the television or changing the thermostat simply by gesturing.  Likewise, Sensawaft, the small chip controlled by exhaling, gives people with poor hand or arm mobility the ability to control wheelchairs, cell phones, computers, and so much more.

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