Researched Based Best Practices

General Recommendations for Education of Individuals on the Autism Spectrum:

Current Research-Based Best Practices

This is a great resource for teachers as well as parents looking to create a similar learning environment at home to reinforce what their child is learning in school or therapy. Developed by Dr. Felicia Houston, these Research-Based Best Practices provide information on everything from educational games, social skills instruction, visual schedules, work systems, repetitive behaviors, behavior modification, emotional dysregulation, toilet training and MANY other resources.

There is an overload of information about autism on the internet. It can be daunting for parents and teachers to figure out what type of program and therapy will best work for their child. Some autism treatment methods are not researched based. However, all information provided in this document is considered to be best practices and researched-based, meaning the practices have been proven to be effective.

Click here for Research-Based Best Practices.

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